7/8ths Scale

Introduced by Chris Bird

This section is for articles about modelling in the 7/8" to the foot scale. This is 1:13.7 Scale so is larger than conventional 16mm or G scale. However it uses the same track. 32mm equates to the 18" gauge used by some industrial and estate railways and 45mm gauge equates to 2 foot gauge common to many railways in the UK and the east coast of the USA.

Here is an Accucraft Quarry Hunslet running on 32mm gauge track (click on the images to enlarge)

And another - weathered by Ian Folland

A modified Regner Vincent:

A modified PPS (now RWM Steam) de Winton

Two modified Roundhouse locos - Millie nearest the camera

The Brian Wilson "Jack"

A Waril type Hunslet weathered by Ian Folland

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