Templates and Titles

posted 28 Feb 2010, 09:44 by Flatland Cheeseminer   [ updated 5 May 2010, 11:06 ]
The Cheese household is normally calm and collected, but the vagaries of this Google site theme are beginning to challenge that.

One of my aims with the new templates was to resolve the oddity that the page title, as above, was in a smaller and inconsistent font compared to

a second level heading like this one

plus, the second level one gets underlined and the title doesn't.  Grr.  Anyway the plan was to remove the 'page title's so that the big underlined font could be the 'title'.

I've now spotted that this also removes the 'breadcrumb navigation' (that top text that indicates where you are).  More Grr.

I'll be modifying the templates back to use the inbuilt title - and propose we ignore the existence of the H2 heading.  I'll update the guidance notes correspondingly - just beware there may be a day or so where things don't quite match up.