Tidying the site

posted 22 Feb 2010, 03:12 by John St James   [ updated 5 May 2010, 11:08 by Flatland Cheeseminer ]

Update 25 Feb

"External How-tos" moved to Workshop

Update 22 Feb

After some debate amongst the admin team, we have implemented a few changes, with a couple still to come.
These are:
  1. Site News now under Club Matters
  2. Help requests tidied and moved to Fiddle Yard. These will then be moved to the appropriate section when they are ready.
  3. The "Philosophy" page is now called "Philosophies" to make it clearer that these are personal views of contributors
  4. Still debating where to put the real railways. Different views amongst the admin team. Comments welcome from all contributors. Current suggestions:
    1. Under Fiddle Yard - it being semi-off-topic
    2. At the top level, with pages like Ron's PBR page under that
  5. Moved Quick Tips under Workshop
  6. Videos - after some debate, the Videos page will be closed and we ask that videos are put in the appropriate section - perhaps in your own railway pages
  7. Clarification on the "exclusive" wording. We are not exclusive for viewing, only for contributing. This will go on the top level Club Matters page
We welcome suggestions and ideas from contributors, either privately by email to Kevin, John, Mel or Graham or as comments on this page or elsewhere. If there are elsewhere, please make sure we see them!