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Lawley mods (JSJ)

Just saving some text here for a future page.

Radio control

You can also easily change which bit of the Tx controls which lever by switching the plugs round on the receiver (Rx). I believe you will have an AR6110. All the channels are marked on the Rx, so you can swap them very simply. You can't really do any damage as long as you don't physically bend the pins, etc, which is not easy to do. You need to fit the servo leads back the right way round (with the black and red wires in the same positions as before) but even here, if you fit them backwards, it won't do any damage, that servo just won't work until you fit it correctly. This will allow you to customise the levers to where you want them. 

Sounds like you have already heard about taking the spring off the reverser lever. You should also find that you can adjust the friction on the lever so it doesn't flop about. Otherwise you camn find yourself confused byt he loco rapidly changing direction as you tilt the Tx. Very disconcerting. 

I have the regulator on the right hand lever with the friction turned up to maximum. the reverser is on the left hand horizontal stick. I have the gas valve servo on the left hand vertical with the lowest setting so it can't put the fire out. On the right hand horizontal is the DJB steam whistle lever. I have just made a spring for that so it sits left when off and pushes right to sound the whistle.