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Steph H

by Steph H

1/12th Airfix Austin Van.

I'd love another one of these and was hoping with Shaun the Sheep film (brilliant by the way) coming out that Airfix may re-issue the range (I'd like the landy and tractor too!). However I had a van that I built a while ago that had been sitting on my window sill for ages. Sadly the clear plastic windows have clouded in the sunlight but I thought I could live with that at the moment. However I wanted to make the van a bit more distinctive and get rid of the molded in rusty patches on the body work.

As the van was to appear on the layout indoors I wanted to detail it up a bit inside etc as well as repaint it. The first task was to remove the molded rust patches, initially I was going to use the old favorite Milliput to fill the spots then sand them back, but talking with a mate he suggested doing what you would do on the real thing and use fine car body filler as this would sand back better. It sure did. The filler worked brilliantly producing a smooth and fine finish. I never thought that working on a 1/12th van would be just like filling the rust holes on some of my previous full size cars!