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Building a Bicycle Transporter

This is a project that I completed a couple of months or so ago.  I wanted to build a bicycle transporter similar to those used on the Welsh Highland Railway.

I didn't want to scratchbuild the entire chassis etc. so I used a Bachmann bogie flat as a starting point.

I added my own bodywork to the basic flat wagon out of 80thou plasticard.

I also wanted drop-down doors, so made up some hinges and pins from paper clips, et voila, opening doors.

Next came the bicycle racks and the bikes themselves.  The racks werer braised up from brass rod and brass angle.

The bikes were cheap n cheerful plastic kits from Back2Bay6.  The basic kit is bit old fashioned so a few subtle mods were made to the basic kits to make look a bit more up-to-date.

Next came the paint job and signage.  The bodywork is basically srayed in red oxide primer, the bike racks are grey primer and the floor is sprayed with a mixture of red oxide and grey primers plus matt black to give it a used look.

The bicycle and luggage signs were basically made up on the PC using MS Paint, then mounted onto a pasticard panel and sprayed with matt varnish.

Finally here is the almost completed wagon about to enter service, still awaiting the fitting of vac pipes.