7/8ths HLW wagons.

by Steph'H

HLW wagons are great not just for 16mm and the various scales under the G scale banner.... they work for 7/8ths too!

I wanted 2 plain flat wagons with removable tops (similar to Heywood "tops" wagons). So I widened and planked 2 HLW V tip flat wagon chassis from which I had used the skips buckets on other chassis. This was a quick and dirty job using balsa wood and some Ozark(?) NBW castings I had lying around. I built the 2 removable plasticard tops to produce open wagons but these have fallen out of use and they are now run as flats. The couplings are 7/8ths-1/12th castings from Modelearth. I added SVE 16inch 7/8ths wheel sets and these give a nice weight to the wagons and they run really well.

HLW flat wagons in 7/8ths.

I have also detailed up a tank wagon from this range but that is due for some more work which I will look at at a later date......

I have also seen just the chassis frames used in 7/8ths under various wagons after discarding the tops etc..... Must admit the SVE wheels make a nice difference!