EMR Hartland Conversions

by JSJ

Taking a lead from Mel, I've decided to put them all on one page.

Bogie Flat

The bogie flat is based on the Hartland flat with influences from the Lynton & Barnstaple.

Seen on the right in this picture, along with the Hartland tanker and brake van (on the very right)

The ends were added from black plasticard, scribed with a plank pattern. The upright angle irons were made from brass strip with rivet detail indented through from the back.

The beer is Stella.

Brake Van

This brake van features in many trains. Here it is at the Flatland Washes

Simple plasticard construction

The roof is scored to make it easier to bend and to represent planking. Then it is covered in a fine fabric to represent canvas.

The lamp works - more on that elsewhere. The stove doesn't work. That is an excursion in to Photoshop.

L&B style

Various stages of L&B style wagons have been produced. Here are two early ones in the experimental phase. The first one is a plasticard body to prove the appearance before pattern-making.

The patterns and silicone moulds were made.

The first experimental castings in a high-impact resin which wasn't very successful due to the extremely hygroscopic nature of the resin. It produced a wagon which is passable and is still in service, being one of the few vehicles which stays outside all winter.

Here are the two prototypes in a train hauled by Lyn, also undergoing experiments with a Como drills speed controller (note the know on the back of the cab) before the RCS r/c was fitted.

Here is the prototype cast bodied wagon in the background of a recent picture at Evensford stations, now with a coal load. Isn't it always the same, the locos feature and the wagons are in the background?

Here are the most recent castings - still awaiting building onto a body.

Milk Tanker

The milk traffic is an important element of the EMR freight and Evensford Dairy have their own glass-lined tankers.