Club Matters


    This is not a forum, it is a jointly developed site celebrating garden railways.  Please read and adhere to the club's editorial guidelines.

    All opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of the club, site owner, admins or any other contributor.

    Copyright remains with the author.

    The Ethos

    We are Garden Railway Club. If it's a railway in the garden, it's in Garden Railway Club. Contributors from 16mm, GScale,  0 Gauge, Gauge 1, Gauge 3, 15mm, 7/8ths, etc 'camps' are all welcome.

    We recognise that there are societies, forums and e-groups for all those. Indeed some of us belong to some of them. We respect everybody's right to model how they like, buy what they like, belong to whatever they like and have a railway to their own liking.

    Politics with a big "P" or a small "p" has no place here.

    Garden Railways are for fun. We all have enough seriousness in our lives. We should enjoy ourselves.

    A Little History and Context 

    by Kevin (Cheeseminer)

    This Garden Railway Club was created in January 2010. It is the brain child of Graham (JohnStJames).  None of this would have come about without Graham's inspiration and drive.  Graham and I had bounced around a number of ideas over a few months, and, after a few false starts, this is the result.

    Graham, Mel (Mel) and John (JR in Tawa) and I form the de facto steering group.

    The choice of this Google facility has it's pro's and con's.  It allows this unique form of collaborative garden railway community but it imposes a hard limit of 50 'contributors'.*

    On the other hand, that restriction reinforces the feel that this is more magazine than forum.  Yes, there are the daily comment pages, but the thrust of the site is to build up the articles.  The site limit forces us to be selective, but not exclusive: absolutely everything here is shared with the entire world.

    We'd like to record our thanks to Jason Palmer and his "G Scale Mad" or "GSM" forum (sadly no longer operating), and others such as the NGgarden and 16mm groups, without whom many of us would never have met.

    *Google 'Sites' is unlimited in numbers but limited to 10MB space, which we'd have exceeded long before now. This is Google 'Apps'.