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How do I add pictures to a page?

This one has caused some challenges during the early phase.
Best is to use the "Insert" menu:

Click on "Image"

For an uploaded image, click on "Choose file"

Then select a file

The image you select will upload (takes a certain time depending on the size of the image and the speed of your connection).
You will then see this dialogue box with thumbnails of your images on this page. The most recent upload will have a pale yellow border. If this is not the one you want to choose for this particular spot on your page, click to highlight the one you want. Then lick "OK"

If you want to link to an external picture hosting site like Photobucket or Picasa, you can insert the link by clicking the button:

Now your image is inserted, you can format it by clicking on it (only while in "Edit page" mode). The various links will centre the picture and change its size. This only affects the size on the page, not the file size.

Now I've realised I should probably have started a sub-page for this...