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Google Multiple Sign-in

posted 7 May 2011, 02:19 by JR inTawa   [ updated 7 May 2011, 03:51 ]
by JRinTawa  7th May 2011

With the Google Apps transition as of early May 2011 for those of us with several different Google accounts (i.e. YouTube, Picasa, and the Garden Railway Club etc) which we access via different User names and Passwords it is necessary to either use two separate Browsers to use the different accounts at the same time of make a simple change to each of your Google accounts..

Browser Option.
If you have two (or more) different Web Browsers, i.e. Firefox, Safari, Chrome or IE; then sign into the Garden Railway Club (GRC) in your first choice Browser then open a different brand of Browser to sign into your Picasa picture account or your YouTube account.

Multiple Sign-In Option.
This option requires a few more mouse clicks, simple enough for GRC and Picasa, a bit longer winded through your YouTube account.  In my case some time ago Mr Google linked my Picasa and YouTube accounts and I did my changes to the Multiple sign-in via the Picasa account and it automatically took care of my YouTube account.

Step one, sign-in to the GRC - okay silly me your probably sign-in already reading this!  Sign-out though from any other Google accounts, not sure if you realy need to but I did just to be safes.  (Click on any of these attached pictures to see them full size and more readable)

Step two.
Click on My Account up in the top left hand corner.

Step three.
You'll now be at the Google accounts window which, if like me, it has opened in a new browser window like the one in the screen shot pictured below. 

 Find the line which says: -   Multiple Sign-in  Off - Edit  In the screen shot picture attached below I had already done my changes so the line says "On-Edit".  I guess if your already is "On" too then, umm your already sorted and you won't need to change anything in this particular account.
Okay assuming your line says "Off" the click on the "Edit"  

Step four
You will now be at a window that looks like the screen shot picture below.

Click the check circle next to "On - Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser"  and also check (click in) all the four checkboxes in the yellow pannel as I have done in the sample screen picture below then click "Save".

Step five
Having clicked save you'll be back at the Google account window ( If I remember correctly) and you should then close that  window to get back to GRC where you started. 

Step six
 Now sign out of GRC and Sign-in to you Picasa account and repeat the operation Step one to four.  In the case of not having a Picasa account linked to your YouTube account, or only having a YouTube account I'll walk you through the extra steps to get to the Google account window once your signed into you YouTube account.
So Sign-in to YouTube and get to your My Video page like my one pictured below or one of the pages where your user name is up near the top right corner and click the drop down arrow next to your Username and then click "Account".

Step seven
You now be at the Account Setting window, and click "Activity Sharing"

Step eight
The next window is about Activity Sharing, click the blue word "here" in the end of the paragraph about Activity Sharing...

Step nine
You should now be at a window which titled Google accounts and at the top right of this window next to your Username or email address is "My Account" just like on the GRC page and thus you click "My Account" and you will be taken to another Google account window just like the one in Step three above and you repeat steps three to five.

It will take you less time to do than it's taken you to read down to here...I hope.

This Multiple Sign-In is not perfect, I find if I've got YouTube or Picasa going along with GRC and I Sign-Out of one it is inclined to sign-off of them all, most times but not always (I'm still working that bit out).  This is a very non IT persons understanding of what to do.  Please add what you found and/or correct my bodgers way above.
and this link talks about using two different browsers

I hope this is helpful and not to difficult to follow.