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Posting YouTube Videos

posted 16 Dec 2015, 01:48 by JR inTawa   [ updated 16 Dec 2015, 01:52 ]
1st step when your in edit page screen click <Insert>
- on the bottom right of the sub window that opens click <YouTube> 
- in the Insert YouTube Video sub window that opens cut and paste the YouTube share link into the “Paste the URL of your YouTube video” box.  Now here’s the rub, make sure you use the link you get from the “share” click down on the YouTube page.  Sometimes the link at the top of your browser looks the same but the link actually ends with “&”  which is not apparent depending on what browser your using.  Alternatively when you paste a link in the box just delete the “&” bit at the end.
- if the link is working a picture from the video appears in the right of the sub window.
- Still in the “Insert YouTube Video” sub window under Display I selected 560x315 from the “Video size” drop down box.
- leave the tick box “Include border” with tick in it
- leave tick in the Include title if you want a title (I prefer to use a title) and in the box that says “YouTube Video type your title.  I used “Tralee and Dingle Railcar in Action”
- click <Save> and your done.  Well apart from clicking the blue <Save> at top right to save the editing work you’ve just done.