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Martin Owen

I was introduced to model railways at a very early age by my father with some Hornby 3 rail and some Triang wagons. He also used to lay out an oval of hand built O gauge track in the garden on which we ran early 30's clockwork trains.  Hence I always wanted a garden railway.
I grew up in South Bucks in England and have spent 40 odd years (and some of them were VERY odd!) in the travel business in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.  I moved to the US in 2007, after marrying a flight attendant, and became a joint UK/US citizen in 2010.
We live in Northwest Florida, near Destin, on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  Nowhere near Orlando or Miami, but closer to New Orleans and in the 'Deep South'.  I handle marketing for 3000 vacation rental properties on the Gulf, so if you're looking for a vacation, you know who to call!
The move (and an understanding wife) gave rise to the South Buckinghamshire Light Railway, a 3' English narrow gauge line in 16mm/ft (or there abouts). The line is about 400' meandering around the yard.  All DCC with no live steam, but I'm hoping to be encouraged to move to the a Dark Side.
Other railway interests revolve around all things GWR, and as a teenager I used to be with the GWS at the Taplow goods shed where we had Prairie Tank 6106, Ocean Liner Saloon 9118 and Dynamometer car W7W.  Part of my misspent youth.