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The WGLR runs on the E&M. 9th Jan 2011

by JSJ and Mel
With the promise of a rare decent weather forecast (sunny but still pretty cold), the management of the WGLR was happy to accept an invite (at short notice) from the management of the E&M to enjoy some running powers on "foreign" metals. As always, the time passed in such a flash (full of nattering of course) that the opportunity to raise steam just didn't present itself. So it was a battery power day and the opportunity to run to "proper" railway practice with trains running in opposite directions utilising the passing loops. It also became a homage to the brilliant LGB Otto chassis, a really useful engine - if you like building GRS conversion kits ;-)

The WGLR Kerr Stuart prepares to leave Evensford with it's passenger train including ex Glyn Valley and Gooey Interchange Tramway coaching stock.
The E&M's own Hunslet crosses in the opposite direction with it's goods train...............
....... while a steam tram loco waits in the back siding, the fireman having nipped off to the station buffet for a tray of tea.

And so we follow the Kerr Stuart for a tour of the line.
An easy start with a drift down Evensford bank.
Easing around the curve at the bottom of the bank.
Pulling away up the gradient after a stop at the halt will be a good test (which it passed).
A well deserved drink while waiting in the loop for the coming goods train.
A final shot (for now) of the train passing through the beautiful little cutting.

Now a few shots of the tram loco with it's slightly shorter train.

A huge thank you to the management of the E&M for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. A return visit is planned for the future. (Mel)

(JSJ) Thanks for coming over Mel it was a really good afternoon. As you say a great chat and your comment about little Otto is spot on.

My pictures are somewhat unsurprisingly similar. I'll post a few below.

The tram eases down the bank

and  passes the cutting

After running the passenger turn, the WGLR's Kerr Stuart simmers in the yard at a busy Evensford Station

We both forgot to fetch the scruffy little IC locos which were down to have a run too. There appears to be a bit of party going on in the background...

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. (JSJ)