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If you are looking for something in particular or remember seeing it on here but can't find it, use the local search tool at the top right hand corner. It searches this site only and is very effective.

Also, have a browse down the articles in the Workshop and Landscape sections. There are many general articles there and they cover many techniques in one, written by some of the best-known modellers in our scales.


Lots of ideas and inspiration in the Landscape section of this site at Buildings

Here is JR's tunnel mouth in preparation.

Carriage and Wagon

Articles on various building methods

These are examples of the various different methods which are in detail on the site. There are many more at

Paul (Owlpool) builds plasticard coaches at 

Neil Ramsay's discussion of various Londonderry and Lough Swilly liveries on his coaches is at

Bruce's article on the Saxon HHw wagons has history and details of methods at

Plastic roof bending

Painting - Colours

The colour chart based on Andrew Sleigh's table is at

This shows railway colours with the car "rattle can" equivalents where known.

Painting - General

Not railways but some great advice on painting models at Worth browsing the rest of the site too. We can learn a lot from the military modellers IMHO.

Painting - Figures

This site shows a very interesting method of painting figures

Painting - Locos

For an excellent method of painting live steamers, look not further than Chris Bird's superb article and method on our own pages at

Painting - Lining

The article about various methods of lining is at

Or you can send it to Tony Wilmore!

Radio Control in live steam


Plenty of ideas on this one, with every builder/basher needing a way to achieve dummy rivets.

Here are some:

A riveting setup

Nick bradypus has written about his at A Rivetting Setup

Daily pages mid Jan 2011

The daily pages in mid-January 2011 had a lot of discussion and pictures about various riveting methods.

Cattle Stops

This page Cattle Stops details how wooden cattle stops were built and installed on the H&MGR