Fiddle Yard

Our "Off Topic" section where anything goes.  There should be a page for today's 'chat', questions, comments, photo(s), etc. - if not, please make one. 

I request that John or Grant (our antipodean members who are up a lot earlier than us) go in each day and create a new page under this page and that we use it as the general chat page for that day. Then it will be easy to move them to the new section "Fiddle Yard Archive" after a few days. Moving complete pages is very easy, moving parts of pages is a pain.

All the old chat/questions/etc. content from the Fiddle Yard is under "Yard Archive"

Please don't add comments here - please go to today and if there isn't a day yet, please add a page with the title of that day and date (or whatever you think is appropriate)

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