03 August Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

A few Manx photos to start the day (James)
Superior on shed at the F&StM
Beautiful sunshine at the L&L

The platform ( ?) at Ballahowin Bridge, populated almost entirely by Railway staff. Gatekeeper Constance Craven looks wistfully down the line to see if there is any sign of Finlo Qualtrough. Meanwhile General Manager Arthur Looney and Traffic Manager Granville Gammidge congratulate themselves on the achievement of selling the old Works Halt sign to Chairman of the Preserved Railways And Tramways Society Ivor Garibaldi doubtless this will apear for further sale in his Railway Emporium at some later date. Kippers Kerruish looks on, noting the missing letters on the sign. He senses he opportunity to do a deal on the side with Ivor to replace the missing R and A from the stores.

Splash Gordon is about begin painting the new picket fence.

All of this activity indicates that the Station is almost ready to be officially opened

At the  opposite end of the line, Archallagan Station, in its new location. The backdrop is a bit harsh, but a cunning plan is being hatched to disguise it somewhat   (GHW)

The standard gauge parcels van is shunted out of the paint shops. Next job is to detail all of the underframe. (Mel)

This is what I have been up to today
The loco Tom and I were talking about last night!! (NHN)
James' tasty 'Superior' in action on the L&L at the weekend.  Both L&L and F&StM management were well impressed! (NHN)

F&StM number 1 'Injebreck' looks as if she has passed a signal at danger... the sunny heat of the north of the island on Saturday must have gotten to the driver. Yup, all hiding in the shade! (NHN)

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