7 August Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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Nameplates arrived from Narow Planet, AZALEA on the front and back in English and 'tsutsuju' (which is Azalea in Japanese) in Katakana script on the sides. (M Foster)
Kuromatsu (black pine) got nameplates, too.  This time the Japanese is in Kanji (Chinese script).
You can probably see tha rails don't go anywhere.  I'm just starting to raise the whole railway by about 20cm.

The standard gauge siding at Gooey is really starting to fill up (but more rolling stock is still planned). Narrow Planet plates have arrived here too for the pannier tank. (Mel)

Some "Big Stuff"                                                                 (John T'other)

"Tornado" coasts into Whittlesford station, early last Thursday, in torrential rain (exposure about 2 hours at f2)...

...but basks in the sunshine 6 hours later in Bristol:

Easing out of Bristol Temple Meads on the journey home:
Saturday at Nuneaton - Fire Brigade topping up the other side (Rhino)
Slightly miffed, this is meant to be Pullman style dining (Rhino)
Severn Valley Mucky Duck (Rhino)

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