Monday 22 August

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Pictures for Today

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The Liskeard and Caradon Railway at Minions, Cornwall: Wheal Jenkin in the R middle distance (Alec K)

Life is a funny thing, sometimes you pass through somewhere where you been many times before, then fate causes a different view.
Today I looked up passing throught the entrance foyer ceiling of Wellington Railway Station - they don't build them like that any more (JRinTawa).

Isla McEwan, (daughter of ALR driver Archie) awaits her train at Ardnacraish,                (John T'other)
alongside old Fraser Nash, retired garage owner and sports car enthusiast.

Yet another Troublesome Truck conversion into a standard gauge wagon. This time it's a CARFIT flat wagon. (Mel)

A little L&B action from last Friday (CB)

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