Thursday 22 December 2011

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Pictures for Today

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Some sunshine for the Official Photographer! Recently-built rolling stock (AK)

Couple of weeks without running and this is what greets me - now you know why I don't spend my time making buildings for the garden (NeilR).

Donegal railcar 1 in use - the motor is in engine compartment and driven by a prop shaft (you can just about make it out) to a gear box on the rear axle. The headlight is assembled around a domed mirror screw drilled out and polished (NeilR)

My new 32mm transporter wagon carrying a 45mm wagon. A very simple "proof of concept" model that seems successful. Please ignore the rather crude coupling! (James)

My growing 32mm rake of wagons. They all use my stock of 32mm Accucraft wheelsets.

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