Tuesday 20 December 2011

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Pictures for Today

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3' 6" gauge civil engineering: East Cornwall Minerals Railway Depot at The Butts, Calstock, Cornwall, in May 1979 (AK)
Here is my postcard for today. This is looking north up Swanston Street from Flinders St.
Young and Jacksons hotel is on the left hand corner and Saint Pauls Cathedral on the right hand corner.
This is taken in 1910 when Melbourne cable trams reined supreme. St Pauls still did not have its steeple. (corgi)
 Click on the pic to blow it up. Note the poles with all the telephone wires. They are now all underground with the other services. Now the only overhead wiring is the power for the electric trams.
No..its not mine YET.  But I do loooove this engine in plain black.  Me thinks I need to sell a few more products etc before I invest though:-)  (TomB)

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