Wednesday 21 December 2011

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Pictures for Today

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The last days of the Col Stephens era at Gunnislake, Cornwall: January 1976 (AK)

A little video to go with the latest Pooter one. This black livery is catching! (CB)

YouTube Video

Some Gauge One locos from a recent open day. If I remember rightly, the top one is kit built, the next is by a professional builder, the Flying Scotsman is an Aster and the bottom one is scratch built. I know which I prefer - and it's black!(NeilR)

What JRinTawa dreamed about last night....
(picture lifted from Track Shacks website)

...which has a family resemblance to and NZR Wb.  Granted the Wb is 2-6-2 but they are both Baldwins.
Move the tanks back, rebuild cab to be enclosed (with hinged roof, fit Westinghouse pump and air tanks and cowcatchers both ends.  Hmm distinct colonial feel could be acheived.  (JRinTawa)


Accucraft Lyn as a comparison - photo by kind permission of Geoff 'Lightlines' Munday. (NHN)

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