03 February Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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Drrrrrrrrrrrr (drum roll)...tadaaa!!!  Here is the Riverdale kit loco with coal burning in the firebox for the very first time (M Foster):
And with pressure:
On blocks with motion:
And finally, on a really cold and windy afternoon, I decided I couldn't resist seeing whether it would run under its own steam:

Note as exciting as Matthew first coal steam up but below is a slideshow from last weekends NZ Garden Railway Convention. 

NZ 2013 Garden Railway Convention

Progress on the H&MGR today, started building a "proper" set of log loading skids.

The logs are rather green at this stage as I painted them in Metalex timber preservative, the green dye will fade I hope (well it does when we use it at work).  A steam hauler is now needed to complete the scene.  But from track level I think it's starting to look the part.  (JRinTawa)

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