16 February Sunday

Shawn Viggiano
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Pictures for Today

Above three generations of Crickets (red is Berkeley, Green Westminster and Black one is mine a Bellflower)
Saturday was day one of the Scranton Steam up.  Had a good day.  Attendance was down a lot do to the snowy weather.  I made it their just as the sow was starting and left as it ended.  Worked out perfect.

A couple more snaps from the Waterfield Hall 1/12th scale railway. The lady driver on the little work-in-progress diesel has a swiveling head to control direction so she always looks where she is going! (CB)

A couple of samplers from the NZ Garden Railway Convention (JRinTawa)





Frying along nicely, my 7/8ths van being made by Rob Bennett
As a trained sign writer, I have some issues about the signage (DT)

Thought I would show you what has been keeping me quiet the past few weeks.
We are in the middle of a refurbishment at the Port Erin Railway Museum, and have stripped out all of the exhibits along the left hand side to lay a couple of panels of track ready for a new display. Two carriages usually occupy the line on the right, but they have made their first move in twenty years into the carriage shed whilst the work takes place.
There has been some pretty heavy duty shifting going on! (ghw)

As I run them more, Dougal and the tram are running better and better. The Bertie chassis in the tram is particularly impressive being very powerful and controllable. James

This is what the chimney modification to Joan looks like. James

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