26 February Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

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I was just scrolling through some old photos of a visit we spent at Longleat, found this picture of their main steamer. Reminds me of a RH Mildred. (MP)

And a little video (MP)

Longleat train

Here is a shot of the first snowfall on the Kittatinny Mt Railroad.  The RR was not even a year old yet.
  To warm things up, the first summer on the RR.

This is before I got comfortable with weathering etc.......  
I managed to start working on the Sawmill for my live steam micro layout.  Im trying to use what I have around the workshop.  The frame is done, just have to add siding and some details inside but that will the finale steps.  Im going to build something like this for my outdoor layout but larger.  I have to make this one compact to fit in the space.  The Bachmann Steam Donkey is a perfect fit.
Some storage/carrying cases I just built for a few live steamers. Simple design using left over plywood.
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