3 February Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

Welcome to Tuesday. I found this photo on my phone, taken a couple of weeks ago
in dappled sunlight. A train of incompleted stock projects makes an outing while the 
owners enjoy a glass of wine. Train running after work finishes is strictly a spectator sport.
Having left the tunnel and crossed the path, 'Sutton' heads over Lake Woodcote.
                                                                                                                      (Paul Milner)

I was asked on GSC about my camera wagon, so since I took a photo or two of it I thought I'd post it here to.  The idea more or less copies ideas form others published elsewhere.  It's a Hartland wagon, fitted with metal wheels.  The camera cradle rotates on a "lady susan" ball bearing pivot thingie.  It was originally made to carry Melinda's video camera but modified to carry an iPhone.

Underneath view. (JRinTawa)

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