4 February Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

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I have been enjoying the photos over the last few days, and of course Doc Turners story about his Busy People!  I can't agree more that Rob's type of folk are essential on any real railway.

I have finally brought out my station which a fellow made for me and which has been languishing in a box for some time. It is still very much a work in progress, it needs weathering and a few details here and there. It is 16mm scale, but as long as you aren't a rivet counter and use your imagination freely, it is perfectly okay for 7/8ths. Rob's BusyBodies like it so much I had to stop some of the more seedy characters from sleeping in it overnight.

Also attached (I hope) is a short Youtube Video. Summerlands Chuffer and Slomo inspired of course.  Brian W.

Jack saves the day

Baseboards for the first part of the extension under and around the lemon bush and silver birch tree installed today.  Not sure if my small diameter micro piles will stand the test of time along with the composite decking board, but this part is as much an experiment on the method as the practical link to the steaming bay.  Pipe is only 15mm diameter 20 or 25mm would have been better.  The 600mm length has them founding well below the tree roots so that part should be fine.  Very little sun on the decking so warping should not be a factor...I hope.  Track will get lightly screwed before sand ballast is glued in place.

From t'other end.  And yes there are pipes each side.

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