19 July Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

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Here is the photo that appears somewhere in this month's Garden Rail (CB)

Manawanui's driver, with slightly less manic eyes...

...and the fireman stretching his back while watching the water level.  (JRinTawa)

It was that chuffer bloke nagging me about the sound of my exhaust gases escaping that drove me to it. I tried charcoal biscuits but to no avail(DP)
Progress on the new station building, based on Lezayre on the old Manx Northern line, this will be Ballahowin Bridge.
http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/l/lezayre/index.shtml for some pictures of the original building.  It was just a ruin with the roof missing until the 1990's but is now a private residence, having been completely rebuilt in the original style
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