24 July Sunday

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Pictures for Today

A picture from Friday's running with Dai on the Evensford and Midland. Owain passes with the passenger train as The Earl simmers (im)patiently in the loop.

The three black locos huddle at Evensford station.

Caradoc (Evensford No 4) enters the cutting having taken over the train from Owain.

The MYOB is taking over at Short Wood at Caradoc passes with the same train.

And now to the Flatlands...

Two EMR locos visited the Flatlands yesterday

We managed to catch a ride on one of the trains. Here The Earl waits as we pass in the loop.

The Earl is now in charge of the train and rather towers over the Brandbright carriages. (all above from JSJ)
  The new Caradon Branch goods brake at the tail of a coal delivery for Phoenix United (Alec K)
Caradon Branch No.2 awaits the 'all-clear' to proceed to 'Moorswater' (Alec K)
John Freeman and Son Ltd's granite works on the Caradon Branch (Alec K)

Ian Galbraith
Monday 25 July 2011 8:43am.  Snow fell as a strong southerly blast hit the North Island.  We are 300 feet above sea level. No trains today.

First snowfall in about ten years.  Global warming?
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