25 July Monday

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The St. Geldof’s College Class 3c history field trip, having just alighted at Kionslieu, receive instructions from Head of Year “Whacka” Cain, regarding their activities for the day.

“Now lads, from here we walk up to the old Cronk Dhoo Mines, you can see them in the far distance, stopping along the way to look at the ruins of an early Christian chapel, and the ancient Viking burial site, which will contain one more body if I catch you yawning again Dint”

“Puddles” Pimblett has his hand raised, not to ask any relevant historical question, but to enquire as to the location of the nearest toilet.

Whacka continues, “When we reach the mines, hopefully we will meet up with Mr. Savage and any survivors of the Outward Bound group, and Mrs Trembler will be there with the packed lunches. Potter, you will shortly find out exactly the power of MY magic wand if you don’t stop sniggering and Carthorse Minor, I’ll have that catapult you are hiding behind your back now please boy.”

These School trips have become more ambitious in recent years, particularly since the Board of Governors banned Corporal punishment firstly in the School buildings, then the grounds, then the surrounding area, followed by in the County and last year in the United Kingdom. Doubtless after this years trip the boundaries will be adjusted once more, to include the Crown Dependencies.

Next year Whacka is hoping to organise a trip to take in the Battlefields of World War One.

Ian Galbraith
More heavy snow this afternoon.  Heaviest in ten years.  Still snowing at 10:50pm.  Over two inches on the ground.
Ran a train, short distance, today.  Proves that the snowplow on the Forney does work. Photos taken around 4:30pm
Forney and train approach the Flag station
Forney and train finally comes to a halt
Culcreuch Station snowed in.
Much more snow and that upper door in the Cottowood House will be required

Lets have a little sunshine!!!!! (CB)

YouTube Video

Lady Pamela on rail-cleaning duties on the Caradon Branch this morning (Alec K)
Caradon Branch No.2 about to leave 'Moorswater' for 'Sandplace' with this morning's coal train (Alec K)

Lady Pamela with the return working of the Express Pasties this lunchtime (Alec K)

 Ian Galbraith
Some sunshine.  This morning, Tuesday 26 July dawned bright and clear.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Still two inches of snow on the ground, but this soon started to disappear. By 1pm most of the snow was gone from the railway and normal service resumed.
Flag Station completely clear.
Crossing the garden path.
Still a little snow in the shade at Culcreuch.
Heading back into the sunshine

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