30 July Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Part of the line up, Midwalestokie's Superior had found its way down north after thursdays southern run
NHN's lovely blue Caledonia, notice how the other engines have their backs to it.
Foxdale & St. Marks Railway painter "Splash" Gordon looks to make sure no one is watching, notice the tin of Tuscan Red Manx Northern Railway paint in his hand, wonder if Neil will be amused at his handywork
The F&St.M PW wickham drifts through Larivane halt, its occupants  so engrossed in their card game and crossword puzzles they have not even noticed they have strayed from home territory. (all above GHW)
Finished my low sided gondola (Rhino)
This guy showed up - with a tin of paint (NHN)
Next thing I know - the loco's tuscan red! (NHN)
These people seem content - note shade seeking behaviour, even in the IoM!! (NHN)
James' Superior ran well - the L&L management were impressed. (NHN)
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