31 July Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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A rare beast - the roundhouse Forney (CB)

Charles Pooter and Swift for comparison. I always fancied a Pooter but now I'm not so sure.... (CB)


Thomas's punch finally being tested.  My patience was fully 'tested' using the plastic chassis, would have been quicker scratch building a brass one.....however it works!  Thomas would like to point out the dials;-)

A Superior Class Of Visitor

James (Midwalestokie) brought his Accucraft Superior across the Irish Sea this week (GHW)

Gauge One LBSC Mona (N7) with much extra detailing added

Broad gauge railcar with Schull and Skibberreen coach alongside for comparison - all in 15mm scale (NeilR).

You shovel sixteen tons and what do you get?

Quite a bit of railway! (Bradypus Nick)

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