19 July Friday

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Pictures for Today

Hi everyone

I've been gardening! Here is a picture of the back garden of the crossing keeper's cottage. The runner beans are doing quite well this year - probably because of the huge deluge from the sky which soaks everything every evening.

I seem to have become something of a collector of small-leaved plants.

Finally the level crossing is finished so there is no more wood covering the track at the path onto the lawn.

I have some pics of construction work I'll post later. (JSJ)

Celebrating four years of the Summerlands Chuffer, here is Katie and the Cheddar coaches (CB)

A photo showing progress on my model of the W&L's Dougal (James)

Prefabrication pays.... Switch bank in place, part-wired (AK)
...and hidden and weatherproofed within the refurbished workshop building (AK)

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