20th July Saturday

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Pictures for Today

Dhub Ghall runs around at St Edmond's (DP)
A new station building is in the early stages, well actually this is a photo from last month.  I'll be adding further stage pics each day of the summer hols, well whenever I can (M Foster)

Spring and axle box detail on Kaitaki, still to be properly positioned but it gives you the idea I hope.

The components, 5 thou inch brass as the backing sheet, dummy axlebox cut from K&S strip 19mmx0.7mm (approx), some 3mm or so angle and Ozark Miniatures loco springs.  A small about is filed off the top of the frames so when the 5 thou brass is folded over it's more or less held down by the running board.  There's tails of brass below the axle boxes so it can also be folded over once finally painted and in place.  I'll possible will put a smudge of silicon in a few spots well clear of the real bearings to ensure the assembly stays in place when finally installed.  (JRinTawa)

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