26 June Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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Ian Galbraith
Trial view in the garden between showers.
On the workbench.  sub roofs fitted.  Doors & windows temporarily in place.  Buildings ready for treating with wood presevative prior to painting

As requested, pics of the new pannier tank "in action" at Gooey today;
Posed alongside WGLR No.1 for size comparison.

And shunting the interchange siding as a WGLR goods train departs (Mel).



Track re-alignment Mk2 (Rhino)

My Great Northern (Ireland) railcar is at last starting to look something like the original. Still a long way to go, with more underframe details and power bogies still to build. The 'shape' at the front is where the radiator I posted a few days ago will go.
Built in 1932, it pre dates the GWR 'flying bananas' by a couple of years. I have to admit it doesn't really match them in aesthetic appeal, although the GNR livery is cream and dark blue with red lettering which will help. (NeilR)

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