06 June Friday

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Pictures for Today

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Not everyone was happy with the chain cover on Vincent! (CB)

Ian Galbraith:  Completed turnout ready to be installed

Completed turnout installed in storage area.

View from under workbench of installed turnout.  The storage sidings are to the right of the photo and the track leads out to the garden on the left.

Pictorial update of my sawmill progress.  (JRinTawa)
Top saw went on tonight, complete with drive belt.

Breastbench saw is now in place, last bits of detailing here was the tension pulley and at the back of the saw the chain drive that works feed rollers on the sawbench.

Lastly an overall view.  I will do much of the supporting detail, aka clutter, before the roof framing for obvious reasons.  But it is now certainly taking shape….at last!  I'm hoping things will progress a faster pace, well fast for me;-)

Another photo of the other side.

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