03 March Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Dissecting Brandbright RSA2 axlebox/W iron assembly to allow replication of NZR early axlebox/W iron assembly.  (JRinTawa)

4 of the 16 done!

And this is the type of wagon they will be used for.

This is not a study in modern art, although some art experts would argue how nicely they are placed and hides hidden emotions!!  The real reason for this image , if one can call it that, is the new 'product' from Locoworks.co.uk which is the supply of matching colours for the Roundhouse range of engines. 14ml touch up tinlets in all the colours including buffer beam red.  Ideal for touching in scratches and scrapes that our engines aquire. Available for now at the Peterborough show, contact sales@locoworks.co.uk if you wish to pay and collect on the day. (TomB)

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