04 March Sunday

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Busy Sunday on the H&MGR when the storm cleared and the sun came out.  (JRinTawa)

An extended run for a change, mostly Manawanui...

But the Dubs A, Simplex and Bush Jigger got to run too.

Lovely sunny day in South Wales yesterday so I went down to Heath Park to run a few trains. 
Castell Caernarfon stretches its legs with a lengthy train. (James)

Leader and it's newly blackened smokebox also had a run.

I finished the day with a few rides behind this.

I must apologise to Swift Sixteen for the appalling state I've let
their grounded box van get into At least the roof patch keeps the rain
out of the toolshed and the side patch, the rats. (DP)

picture from this afternoon at work for those who like such things! (NeilR)

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