12 March Monday

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Pictures for Today

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Well now what will the H&MGR engineers make of this new interloper?  (JRinTawa)

Beautiful spring weather and not at work yesterday - so spent several hours running trains. (NeilR)

Swilly train - broad gauge railcar just visible in the bay behind- 6 wheeler by the platform.

Couple of shots of the ex Ballymena and Larne Beyer Peacock with mixed train of NCC stock
The new L&L Crests, a railway across used to have a similar design I believe....  ;-)  (NHN)
In action on the new Baldwin, 'Lhen'  (NHN)
So as not to disappoint JR!  Our leader class 'Doona', together with the new IoMR 'E' van, scratchbuilt by Mike B (GHWood) - a top man!  (NHN)
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