20 March Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

Tralee & Dingle No 6 flypast

A picture of a Kerr Stuart Brazil class in use on a bush tramway at Ngapuke in 1920 linked from the NZ National library online collection.  Gives possible thought's for cab alterations.  And there are rivets!  (JRinTawa)
First day of Spring! CLR goods train returns from 'Sandplace' (AK)
WDLR train sets off from the requisitioned siding (AK)

 An Admiralty train with No 2 in charge (AK)

Here's a shot for John of Trangkil no4, now preserved at Statfold when operating in Indonesia. It's a Kerr Stuart Brazil although was actually built by Hunslet in 1971.  Note the interesting chimney and bales of bagasse in the cab.

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