25 March Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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Mayflower ran well in the sunshine (CB)

But her arrival came as a surprise to Bodkin

Busy at Kakariki (JRinTawa)

There was enough time for a chat passing the Bridge Gangers hut though.

Been a while since the O&K and skips had a run, nice train for the autumn garden.
Another shot of the new station halt/shelter (M Foster)
Uprights are much chunkier on my version but it'll have to survive the hot summer sun and rainy season, too!
This is the original:
You've seen it before, but not like this! "Empress Van" F27 emerges from the paint shop having been retro liveried into its 1950's to early 60's colours, today its getting new bogies fitted. (GHW)

Nice exhibit at Cultra that caught my eye for future modelling - 3 ft gauge, big old electrical motor at one end - chain drive to single axle and coupling rods on the driven bogie. Nice livery too. (NeilR)

A picture for Mr Pajeiro.


Another couple and a Simplex should do it! (AK)
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