28 March Friday

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Pictures for Today

More news from the WGLR. I mentioned yesterday that the old cattle market has been demolished (basically I got the construction method wrong and it didn't survive the weather). In it's place I've built an engine shed, but with a major difference. I've found that conventional sheds look great, but tend to become home to every spider and bug rather than locos and you can only pose photos with the locos sticking their noses out of the doors. So I remembered photos I'd seen of Machynlleth shed which had a large proportion of it's roof removed before the end of steam. The bare walls provided a great backdrop to the stock stabled there and it's turned out exactly as I'd hoped. There are still plenty of opportunities for detailing and adding bits and pieces here. (Mel)

A bit big for Mel's shed....                                                                                                        (John Roach)

A littlw branding and weathering applied (CB)

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