03 March Tuesday

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Pictures for Today 

Thanks for the positive comments about the video. I am afraid I am hooked on chuffers and Slomos; as Chris has said, the combination is certainly a game changer!
I started out making another Jack, but it morphed into the slightly larger "Waril", 4 of which finished up at the Sand Hutton Light Railway. Having come from the War Department, they were painted "all over khaki", and while some of the B&W photos from military days show a fair bit of polish, later photos from Sand Hutton seem to show the locos as quite grubby. So that is what I thought we should aim for.  On this paint job, Humbrol matte was used to try and get the khaki colour. A good lesson was learned the hard way in that I initially clad the boiler without any insulation, as Roundhouse do. Lesson: Auto paints tolerate the boiler heat, but Humbrol enamels don't. I had to take the boiler off, strip it and have another go, this time placing a layer of felt insulation around the boiler. Perfect now, with Humbrol colour and oversprayed with Humbrol Matte coat.
Another point which may be of interest is that I set this loco up for my first time use of Tony Waltham's RCS transmitter. I am pleased with it, it gives good control over the throttle, although I agree with some of the comments that it is a bit weird turning knobs rather than using levers. Something to get used to I suppose.

Doing the videos, I must say, has been inspired by watching Chris's Summerlands delights. Watching Rob Bennett's little people trundling around at chuffing speed was all too much for me!

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