02 May Wednesday

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Pictures for Today

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When putting a driver figure in your loco, ensure it's to the correct scale....                         (John T'other)

WDLR Class D Bogie Open (AK)
This is for JR. He was missing puffing billy pics. This was on an autumn Thomas day. 14A with the face and 7A in Canadian red.
This is a Peckett with a fibreglass shell dropped on it to act as Thomas. The local theatrical group provides the fat controller.

a picture for Tom- suggested chassis arrangement for his railcar. delrin chain between axles. having outside frames allows plenty of room for chain and motor more or less horizontal so all between frames allowing clear interior. Floor fixed slightly higher than prototype to allow space for batteries etc. (NeilR)

a picture for Tom - suggested chassis arrangement for his railcar. provides the Fat Controller.
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