20 May Sunday 2012.

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Pictures for Today

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This is the new Bowande coach available in 5 different styles in BR crimson and cream, BR maroon, and western region chocolate and cream. (corgi)
 A little video filmed on a local railway - a Roundhouse Taliesin performing well (CB)

YouTube Video

 Log train day on the H&MGR, Manawanui in the sunshine....

...hard to pick favourite picture from the day (I took rather a few!)...

...so I'll show you a few ;-)  ...

 ...and late in the day the Climax did the second run.  (JRinTawa)

Cardboard mock-ups of the cab.  Very rough card so xcuse the bendy feel to it. (M Foster)
The boiler is yet to be started, don't worry, no one's stolen it!
Still thinking about the shape of buffer beams
Brass for cab (M Foster)
Thought you might like to see the underframe of one of my 6 wheelers with the suspension system
(following advice from JC and G1 friends). The axle unit on the right is fixed, the one in the middle is sprung with about 6mms travel - and the one on the left is on a sort of see saw arrangement. I have fitted the two floating units with screws to limit the movement if necessary. The central unit is 4mms narrower to allow for side play on the centre axle. (NeilR) 

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