31 May 2012

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Pictures for Today

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Progress on my Vale of Ffestiniog loco, batteries, speed controller and receiver have all been ordered so I'll be able to give it a test run soon. It's made out of clear styrene sheet with plasticard additions. Power is a pair of LGB stainz motor blocks. James

I've also managed to give my new Ruby a test run at heath Park. It ran extremely well, far better than I expected and is very controllable. Not like the horror stories I've read.

Whistle servo on Manawanui, need to power it up to see if it works though before I go much further.  It works in theory!  (JRinTawa)


Inspired by the article in the recent edition of Garden Rail, a Modeltown steam wagon, in IOM Highway Board livery nears completion. Neat little kit, assembled in minutes after cleaning the dozen or so resin parts (GHW)

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