7 May Monday

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Pictures for Today

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A few photos from a steamy day yesterday. First of all we went to the Brecon Mountain Railway and saw this fantastic Baldwin pacific. (James)

Then it was off to the Pontypool and Blaenavon railway where we saw this Austerity tank.....

............ably assisted by this little Bagnall.

Then it was back home where i ran my new favourite steam loco Caradoc.
A coach of two sides ! - Rhino

Progress on broad gauge 6 wheel coaches. These are the first coaches I have built with Dai's 'Tell Tales' fitted. The bleed is simply connected to the top of the vacuum pipe. The solebar has hooks for horse drawn shunting - still there in the 1960's.
The horizontal brass 'footboards' will have scale size wooden boards attached later. (NeilR)
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