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19 May Sunday

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Pictures for Today

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Figures painted for alongside the log hauler, they will be discussing splicing in the new wire rope (JRinTawa)
The figures are from Supply Line Models.

And logs have been made for the log bogies, I can now fit the tie-down and waist chains.

De Winton progress - or "fun with plumbing"!(CB)

Finished all the 'cosmetic' work on NCC Railcar1 - still all the electrics to do so still not sure if it goes. The livery is late 1950's Ulster Transport Authority - transfers were done for me by Chris Moxham. The chemical solder black worked well on both silver and soft solder as I hope you can see on the imitation screw couplings and buffers. (NeilR)

Back to basics for the LGB Mail Coach (AK)
The mail coach in 'as purchased' condition three years ago- a sorry state indeed (AK)

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