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05 May Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

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Editing photos from Garden Rails in the Hunter underway.  
Brian was caught on camera a few times, here teaching Murray how to fire and drive a new Riverdale Emily...

...and watching my good friend and host Stephen driving his Fowler...

...and this time firing a coal fired Jack he built for Laurie during the handing over with onsite tutorial process.  (JRinTawa)

John, it was good to catch up. I see flying home is much quicker than driving, you have beaten me to the photos.  
Here are a couple of short videos from the Steamup. The Hunslets are going a bit fast, but we were concentrating on trying to get them synchronised to pull evenly, and they needed a much greater load, so together with all the other background noise, the chuff sounds a bit quieter than it really was. The Countess, I thought sounded very much like the real thing!  
Certainly a great Steamup, 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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