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14 August

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Pictures for Today

Progress on the Wild West Norfolk Route.

And today I constructed a lift out section - to allow access to the garden for a mower etc.

Not in the garden but at 1:32 it is equivalent size.  An indoor Gauge 1 Saxony railway.

It is a mix of standard gauge DB stock on 45mm gauge track and 750mm narrow gauge on 32mm gauge track.

Absolutely beautiful models.  Perhaps fidelity of the detail would be tempting fate out in the garden but with a 21mx12m basement it's bigger than most gardens, oh and it has two levels!  The owner is one really nice gent, and he has a 15 year plan in place to have the railway completed.  It's so well planned out I fully expect the goal to be achieved.


The stock is a mix of Marlin, Hubner, KM1 Modellbau and possibly another (I forgot).

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